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We hope our website provides you with the knowledge you need for your selection of Cypress lumber. We also hope you learn to embrace the beauty, history and sustainability of Cypress.

Our Old Growth / Antique Heart Cypress Lumber and Timber is reclaimed from river recovered sinker cypress logs, deadhead pecky cypress logs and virgin growth cypress blow down logs. These products are harvested from rivers and swamp lands throughout the Southeastern United States, and thus, qualify as a Green and LEED compliant material. Old Growth/Antique Heart Cypress glows with a rich patina of reddish brown to rich brown or gray palette.

Second Growth Cypress logs are often 200 years old when big enough for sawing into cypress lumber, timber and pecky cypress lumber.

Second Growth Cypress is not as dark in color as Old Growth/Antique Heart Cypress. It has a dense grain of 12 to 20 growth rings per inch, honey gold with tints of pale red and pale yellow. When treated with Borates, second growth cypress is almost as resistant to decay as Old Growth / Antique Cypress lumber and timber.

Since 1988, Florida Cypress Wood Products has been an industry leader in the manufacturing and distributing of quality Cypress lumber, Timber and Pecky Cypress throughout the world! Florida Cypress Wood Products will provide you with expert and no-nonsense advice. Our mission is to provide you with a top quality, correctly graded and beautiful wood at competitive prices.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in your selection of Cypress lumber.