Florida Cypress Wood Products, Inc is proud to offer 100% PURE, UNTREATED, CYPRESS in WOODCHIPS, SHAVINGS, & SAWDUST, for PICK-UP or DELIVERY!

  • Naturally Mild, Mildew, & Rot-Resistant, unlike PINE
  • Naturally Insect-Resistant, unlike PINE
  • Does not alter soil pH levels, unlike PINE
  • Safe, non-toxic, and completely natural
  • Turns a brilliant silver with sun exposure
  • Excellent moisture control properties


Cypress is naturally decay-resistant & insect-resistant, unlike PINE which will ATTRACT insects, does not alter soil pH levels, unlike PINE which will increase soil acidity, and lasts longer than concrete.

If you are tired of landscaping with insect-laden shredded pine bark, pine needles that turn your soil to sand, chemically treated wood and everything else landscape suppliers substitute instead of 100% CYPRESS- let us know how we can help!