Florida Cypress Wood Products now offers 100% CYPRESS MULCH CHIPS for pick-up or delivery, available LOOSE.

$25 per CUBIC YARD, LOOSE (Nearly fill most truck beds)

Hundred of yards available.

We can DELIVER large quantities, 10+ cubic yard minimum, please.

Call us for scheduling & delivery rates!

(904)353-3001 or email: floridacypress@floridacypress.com

Benefits of Cypress include:

  • Naturally Insect-Resistant, unlike PINE
  • Naturally Mold, Mildew & Rot-Resistant, unlike PINE
  • Does not alter soil pH levels, unlike PINE
  • Turns a brilliant silver with sun exposure
  • Excellent moisture control properties

Cypress is naturally mold-resistant, mildew-resistant, rot-resistant & insect-resistant, unlike PINE which will ATTRACT insects, does not alter soil pH levels, unlike PINE which will increase soil acidity, and lasts longer than concrete.

If you are tired of re-mulching with insect-laden shredded pine bark, pine needles that turn your soil to sand, chemically treated, artificially-dyed wood and everything else landscape suppliers substitute instead of 100% CYPRESS- let us know how we can help!