Florida Cypress Wood Products now offers 100% CYPRESS SAWDUST for pick-up or delivery, available PRE-BAGGED or LOOSE.

$10 per BAG (1/2 Cubic Yard Capacity)

$18 per CUBIC YARD, LOOSE (Nearly fill most truck beds)

We can DELIVER large quantities, 12+ cubic yard minimum, please.

Call us for scheduling & delivery rates!

(904)353-3001 or email: floridacypress@floridacypress.com

Cypress Sawdust uses include:

  • Oil & hazardous liquid clean-up
  • Animal bedding
  • Soil amelioration
  • Plant & mushroom-growing medium
  • Natural insect control
  • Heating & fuel
  • Packaging and shipping material
  • Curtail erosion around paths and walk ways